Contemporary Verse

Contemporary Verse (1941-52) was a poetry magazine founded by Alan Crawley in north Vancouver, appearing when there were few literary magazines of any kind in Canada. Because Crawley was blind and all work submitted had to be read to him, editing was difficult, but he maintained a high standard while admitting a wide variety of poets; all he asked was that their work be "serious in thought and expression and contemporary in theme, treatment and technique." The writings of more than 120 poets were printed; contributors included leading figures of that vital, formative time in Canadian writing, but also new poets, some of whom later became distinguished. After 39 issues Crawley felt Contemporary Verse had fulfilled its role. More than 20 years after Contemporary Verse's termination, CV/II was founded in 1975 as its successor; with Dorothy LIVESAY, who had helped Crawley with Contemporary Verse, as one of its founders.