Claude Sauvage, author and professor (born in 1938 in Mascara, Algeria) immigrated to Québec in 1967. He adapted to his new environment very quickly and began making a career for himself. He enrolled at the Université de Montréal and resumed the studies in languages, literature, and education that he had begun in Alger (Algeria's capital) and Aix-en-Provence (France).

For 32 years, Sauvage taught literature and theatre at the CEGEP of Saint-Laurent, Québec, near Montréal. He was very active in the teaching profession and became president of the Québec association of teachers of French at the college level (APEFC) in 1995. He was involved in the arts and contributed as an art critic to the magazine Magazin'Art from 1987 on.

Claude Sauvage has published two works on language and literature : Le français au fil du temps et des mots (1990) and Renaissance : humanisme et réforme (1995). He has also published several works of art criticism, including Gabriel Bonmati : splendeur et sérénité (1987); Aurelio Sandonato : Arte Architettura : une ville utopique (1988); Nasser Ovissi : Noblesse équine (1991); Claude Théberge : entre humanisme et humanité (1993); Nicole Foreman : Le dire avec des fleurs (1993); and Jean-Paul Ladouceur : La Romance du Vin, de Nelligan (1996).

Claude Sauvage is an intellectual who is passionate about art and culture. He has made a remarkable contribution to the life of the mind.