Constantine, Charles

Charles Constantine, mounted policeman (b at Bradford, Yorkshire 13 Nov 1849; d at Long Beach, Calif 5 May 1912). Immigrating to Canada as a young man, Constantine was a member of the RED RIVER EXPEDITION sent against Louis Riel and the Manitoba Métis in 1870. Later he was chief of the Manitoba Provincial Police and served in the NORTH-WEST REBELLION of 1885. Commissioned in the North-West Mounted Police as inspector, he was ordered to Yukon in 1894 to investigate reports of abuses by the miners. In 1895 he commanded a detachment of 20 members of the NWMP, which went to Yukon to enforce Canadian law, and he was in command of the police there when gold was discovered in 1896. By tact and firmness he prevented challenges to Canadian sovereignty in the region. In 1903 he led the first police expedition to the western Arctic, establishing posts at Fort McPherson and Herschel Island. He died on leave in California.