Carol Spier

Carol Spier, production designer, art director (born in Manitoba). Carol Spier earned a BA in interior design from the University of Manitoba. She began her professional career as an interior designer for a Winnipeg architect. She was with various theatre groups as a set and costume designer and then worked full-time at the MANITOBA THEATRE CENTRE. After her first feature, The Mourning Suit (1975), she moved to Toronto as an assistant art director for the CBC and for several feature films before becoming a full-fledged art director on I Miss You Hugs and Kisses in 1976. Beginning with Fast Company in 1979, she has worked regularly with director David CRONENBERG.

Her award-winning films include 8 for Cronenberg - The Brood (GENIE AWARD nomination), Scanners (Genie nomination), VIDEODROME (Genie nomination), DEAD RINGERS (Genie Award), Naked Lunch (Genie Award), eXistenz (Genie nomination), Eastern Promises (Genie nomination and the DGC Award for outstanding achievement in production design)- as well as Paul GROSS's Passchendaele (with Janice Blackie-Goodin; Genie Award) and Kevin Sullivan's Anne of Green Gables (GEMINI AWARD). Her other films for Cronenberg are The Fly, M. Butterfly, CRASH and A History of Violence, and she has worked on international films such as Agnes of God, Blade II, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Silent Hill and on numerous television productions.