Cap-Pelé, NB, incorporated as a village in 1969, population 2256 (2011c), 2279 (2006c). The Village of Cap- Pelé is situated in southeastern New Brunswick, in the heart of ACADIA. It is located 22 km east of SHEDIAC. Formerly known as Cape Bald, Cap-Pelé acquired its present name in 1950.

Cap-Pelé was founded in 1780 following the dispersal of the Acadians and the SEVEN YEARS' WAR (see ACADIA, HISTORY OF). Today 86% of its population are descendants of Acadians.

Cap-Pelé is a tourist centre rich in Acadian history and is also known for its over 30 boucannières, or smoke houses, that are spread throughout the village. They are used mainly for smoking herring, which is then exported worldwide. There is a local fishery of herring and scallops in the spring and mackerel in summer. Lobster is caught from August to October.

Cap-Pelé is known for its sandy beaches, which include Aboiteau, Gagnon and Sandy. In July, the festival Au Coeur de L'Acadie celebrates the Acadian history of the area, while later in the summer Acadian Frolic celebrates Acadian music.