Canadian Music Council Medal

The Canadian Music Council Medal. Instituted in 1971 and awarded, until the Council ceased operations in 1990, for outstanding service to music in Canada. The medal was designed by the Canadian sculptor Charles Daudelin. Recipients, nominated by members of the council and selected by its directors, have been:

1971 Leo Barkin, Jean-Marie Beaudet (posthumously), Serge Garant

1972 John Beckwith, Lionel Daunais, Lois Marshall, R. Murray Schafer, Léopold Simoneau

1973 Lyell Gustin, Sir Ernest MacMillan (posthumously), Eric McLean, Soeur Marie-Stéphane SNJM, Jean Papineau-Couture, Gilles Tremblay

1974 François Brassard, Helen Creighton, Luc Lacourcière

1975 Elmer Iseler, Yehudi Menuhin, Wilfrid Pelletier

1976 Alexander Brott, John Cozens, Nicholas Goldschmidt

1977 Helmut Kallmann, Phyllis Mailing, André Prévost

1978 Keith Bissell, Mario Duschenes, Keith MacMillan, Olivier Messiaen, John Weinzweig

1979 Richard W. Cooke, Yvonne Hubert, John Newmark

1980 John Avison, Norma Dickson, Nicholas Koudriavtzeff

1981 Mario Bernardi, Glenn Gould, Nicholas Kilburn

1982 Robert Aitken, Maryvonne Kendergi, Gilles Lefebvre

1983 Rolland Brunelle, Maureen Forrester, Ruby Mercer

1984 Frances James Adaskin, Georges Little, Henry Mutsaers, Ronald Napier

1985 Louise André, Louis Quilico, Peggie Sampson

1986 Franz Kraemer, Paul Loyonnet

1987 Walter Homburger, Gilles Potvin, Simon Streatfeild

1988 Charles Dutoit

1989 Doreen Hall