Canadian Fiction Magazine

Canadian Fiction Magazine, Canada's first literary quarterly devoted to short fiction. The magazine played an important role in developing a high standard for Canadian short fiction. Beginning in 1971 as a student publication at UBC, this literary magazine has become an independent journal of national scope. It publishes work by both new and established writers in English, and also has a continuing program of fiction in translation from French and other languages. Over 1000 works of short fiction have been presented in its pages.

The magazine has published entire issues devoted to individual authors such as Robert Harlow, Jane Rule, Mavis Gallant, Leon Rooke, Keath Fraser and Michel Tremblay. Other features include interviews with writers, a series on the "future of fiction" that encourages discussion about the aesthetics of contemporary fiction, and portfolios of literary portraits. Several book-length anthologies of stories and interviews that appeared in CFM have been published. These include Magic Realism, Illusion: Fables, Fantasies, and Metafictions, Metavisions, Moving off the Map, A Decade of Quebec Fiction, Invisible Fictions, 45 Below, Canadian Writers At Work, and Shoes and Shit: Stories for Pedestrians. CFM also published the first anthology of contemporary fiction by Native people. CFM moved to Toronto in 1978 and has been published by Quarry Press in Kingston since 1993.