Canadian Artistic Society/Société artistique canadienne

Canadian Artistic Society/Société artistique canadienne. A society founded in Montreal and incorporated 24 Dec 1894 to 'develop the taste for music and encourage artists'. More specifically, its aim was to 'establish a national conservatory of music'. A bi-monthly lottery was held to raise funds for the conservatory, and Edmond Hardy was requested to found it, which he did in 1896, and to serve as director. It was known simply as the Conservatory of the Canadian Artistic Society. For his teaching staff, Hardy retained the services of Achille Fortier (voice and harmony), Charles Labelle (solfège), Arthur Letondal (piano), and Oscar Martel (violin). Courses were free, and each teacher received a monthly salary of $25. The conservatory accepted several hundred students but was obliged to close in 1901 when the federal government prohibited lotteries. Among its students were the soprano Rose MacMillan, the pianist Éviola Plouffe, and the violinists Henri Arnoldi and Chambord Giguère.