Canadair Ltd

Canadair Ltd, aerospace manufacturers. The company had its origins in the aircraft division of Canadian Vickers Ltd, formed in 1923. It was purchased by Canadians in 1927 and during WWII produced the Canso, a long-range flying boat used for maritime patrol. The company was reorganized in 1944 by the Canadian government under the name Canadair, and sold to Electric Boat Co of the US in 1946. Electric Boat formed General Dynamics Corp in 1952 and Canadair became a subsidiary. In 1976 Canadair became a CROWN CORPORATION and in Dec 1986 was sold to BOMBARDIER INC.

Canadair produced over 4000 primarily military aircraft, including versions of American-designed fighters Sabre (1949-58), Starfighter (1961-86) and Freedom Fighter. It also produced 2 trainers for the RCAF, the T-33 Silver Star (1952-58) and Tutor (1960-66) and the CANADAIR CL-28 ARGUS, a maritime patrol aircraft. As a part of Bombardier's Aerospace Group, Canadair now produces 2 versions of the CANADAIR CHALLENGER executive jet, the CANADAIR CL-215 and CL-415 waterbombers, a 50-passenger Regional Jet and 2 unmanned airborne surveillance systems, and is a partner in the Global Express commuter jet. It operates out of 3 production facilities located at St Laurent, Qué, and at Dorval and Mirbel airports near Montréal.