Calgary Women's Musical Club

Calgary Women's Musical Club. Formed in 1904 to provide Calgary women with the opportunity to hear music on a regular basis. Mrs Scott Dawson was the first president, and concerts were given by local performers. Though interest flagged and the club ceased functioning, it was revived in 1912 by Mrs H.E. Anderson, who also served as president. This second club arranged concerts by local and internationally known artists. The first concert was held 5 May 1913 at Unity Hall and subsequent concerts at Nolan's Hall, the Isis Theatre, and halls in various schools, churches, and hotels. Mrs H.H. Sharples, the local RSM representative, who became president of the club in 1916, was responsible for beginning a September-to-June concert series. In 1921 she organized a concert of music by local composers; such events became annual and continued for over 25 years under her direction. Among the composers were Jeanne Ackland, Clifford Higgin, Minuetta Kessler, Leonard Leacock, and Robert Spergel. Mrs Sharples was instrumental also in the establishment of a student scholarship fund (financed in the early 1920s by the receipts from club-sponsored recitals by such artists as Amelita Galli-Curci).

Other club members of note were Beatrice Chapman, Elaine Dudley Smith, and Mrs W. Roland Winter. After World War II the club concentrated on the presentation of Canadian performers, including Maureen Forrester, Glenn Gould, Lois Marshall, and Jon Vickers. In 1964, however, faced with declining interest and rising costs, it transferred its assets to the scholarship fund of the Kiwanis Music Festival and discontinued its activities.