Belledune, NB, incorporated as a village in 1968, population 1548 (2011c), 1711 (2006c). The Village of Belledune was reincorporated in 1994 to include Jacquet River, Armstrong Brook, Archibald Settlement, Sunnyside, Becketville and Mitchell Settlement. Belledune is an industrial community lying along Chaleur Bay.

The first settler to the area, François Guittard (or Guitard), came to "Big Belle Dune" in 1815. He was an unusual immigrant in that he was from "Old France" and had come to British North America in 1806. About 1825 he was joined by Scots and Irish, some of whom moved in from the Miramichi area after the Great Fire (see Disasters).

Farming, lumbering and fishing were the economic bases until the development of zinc mining near Bathurst. Belledune was chosen as the site of a large iron smelter and port. The smelter opened in 1966 and was followed by other industries, such as fertilizer and gypsum processing plants and a lumber mill. A thermal generating station provides power for these industries and the region.

The industrial complex is served by a year-round deep-water port. The port and industrial area is served by the New Brunswick East Coast Railway, a shortline connected to the CN mainline.

Belledune is known for the beaches from which it obtained its name. Hunting, fishing and various winter activities are also popular.