Lavigne, Arthur

Lavigne, (Tessier dit Lavigne), (Jean Moïse) Arthur. Violinist, publisher, music dealer, critic, teacher, administrator, b Montreal 8 Feb 1845, d Quebec City 11 Jan 1925; honorary D MUS (Laval) 1922. The brother of Ernest and Émery, he began violin studies in 1853 with J. Follenus (Follinus, Folinus). He also studied with Octave Hardy dit Chatillon.

In May 1868 Lavigne opened a music store on St-Jean Street in Quebec City in partnership with A.J. Boucher; Lavigne became sole owner ca 1872. The store soon became a rendezvous for local musicians - the Gagnons, the Dessanes, the Jehin-Prumes, Calixa Lavallée - and the business prospered for 50 years.

Having taken part in the Peace Jubilees held in 1869 and 1872 in Boston, Lavigne in 1883 organized a huge, successful music festival in Quebec City. As a concert organizer he featured Leopold Godowsky, Henri Marteau, Ovide Musin, Léon Rothier, and Eugène Ysaÿe.

Lavigne was a founding member in 1868 and president 1904-5, 1906-7, and 1908-9 of the AMQ, after having been the first candidate at its competitions. Previously a member of the Septett Club, he was a founder in 1871 and principal violin of the Septuor Haydn. He was president 1905-8 of the Société symphonique de Québec (Quebec Symphony Orchestra), which succeeded the Septuor Haydn. In 1922 he was among the first teachers engaged by the Music School of Laval University.

In 1880 Lavigne played an important role in the initial recognition of 'O Canada', taking the manuscript to Lieutenant-Governor Théodore Robitaille and publishing the original edition. He published other works by Quebec composers, including Ernest Gagnon, Frantz Jehin-Prume, Calixa Lavallée, and Joseph Vézina, as well as the Count of Premio-Real's Seize Mélodies, with a preface by Lavallée (1879). He wrote reports and articles for various publications.