Megarry, Archibald Roy

Archibald Roy Megarry, publisher (b at Belfast, N Ire 10 Feb 1937). Megarry was publisher and chief executive officer of the Toronto Globe and Mail from 1978 to 1992 and was responsible for establishing its national edition. Megarry moved to Torstar Corp, the owners of The Toronto Star, in 1974 as vice-president of corporate development. Four years later, he switched to the Globe and Mail, where he maintained that paper's reputation for quality while expanding foreign and business coverage, and introducing 4 new magazines.

A trip through South America illustrated the horrible economic conditions of the Third World, and Megarry founded Tools For Development, a foundation that attempts to provide assistance to Third World small business development. After leaving the Globe Megarry joined CARE as a program director to help further the development of business in poverty-stricken nations.