Anthology of Canadian Music/Anthologie de la musique canadienne

Anthology of Canadian Music/Anthologie de la musique canadienne(ACM). Collection of recorded music created by RCI devoted to prominent Canadian composers of serious music and to their most significant works. Initiated in 1978, the collection has brought together in a single boxed set works by a composer recorded over the years and accompanied by an interview conducted in English or French according to the composer's wish (sound documentaries are devoted to deceased composers). Program notes on the music are accompanied by a list of works and a translation in French or English of the interview or documentary. The last three sets, devoted to a specific theme, do not include interviews. The collection was most favorably received by radio stations in Canada and abroad as well as by record libraries and universities, in particular those having Canadian studies in their academic programs. These RCI recorded programs were unfortunately halted in 1991 due to budget cuts (see also CBC recordings). A list of composers whose works have been released on the Anthology of Canadian Music label is appended.

ACM 1 (5 vols) John Weinzweig

ACM 2 (4 vols) Serge Garant

ACM 3 (5 vols) R. Murray Schafer

ACM 4 (6 vols) Jean Papineau-Couture

ACM 5 (4 vols) Clermont Pépin

ACM 6 (5 vols) François Morel

ACM 7 (10 vols) Harry Somers

ACM 8 (6 vols) Harry Freedman

ACM 9 (4 vols) Bruce Mather

ACM 10 (6 vols) Jean Coulthard

ACM 11 (5 vols) Healey Willan

ACM 12 (6 vols) Gilles Tremblay

ACM 13 (4 vols) Norma Beecroft

ACM 14 (6 vols) Otto Joachim

ACM 15 (7 vols) Robert Turner

ACM 16 (7 vols) Oskar Morawetz

ACM 17 (7 vols) Violet Archer

ACM 18 (5 vols) Micheline Coulombe Saint-Marcoux

ACM 19 (3 vols) Jean Vallerand

ACM 20 (7 vols) Alexander Brott

ACM 21 (5 vols) S.-C. Eckhardt-Gramatté

ACM 22 (5 vols) István Anhalt

ACM 23 (5 vols) Murray Adaskin

ACM 24 (5 vols) Kelsey Jones

ACM 25 (6 vols) Barbara Pentland

ACM 26 (5 vols) John Beckwith

ACM 27 (5 vols) George Fiala

ACM 28 (6 vols) André Prévost

ACM 29 (5 vols) Roger Matton

ACM 30 (4 vols) Claude Champagne

ACM 31 (4 vols, CD) Jacques Hétu

ACM 32 (4 vols) Rodolphe Mathieu

ACM 33 (4 vols, CD) Talivaldis Kenins

ACM 34 (4 vols, CD) Srul Irving Glick

ACM 35 (4 vols, CD) Pierre Mercure

ACM 36 (4 vols, CD) Claude Vivier

ACM 37 (4 vols, CD) Electroacoustic

ACM 38 (4 vols, CD) Jazz

ACM 39 (5 vols, CD) Folklore