Annie L. Jack

Annie L. Jack, née Hayr, writer, horticulturist (b at Northamptonshire, Eng 1 Jan 1839; d at Châteauguay, Qué 15 Feb 1912). Our first professional woman garden writer, she moved to Canada from Troy, NY. She married a prominent Québec fruit grower and helped run the fruit farm, "Hillside," at Châteauguay. In addition to raising a family of 10 children, Jack managed an extensive garden of flowers, fruits and vegetables for profit and experimentation. The garden was written up in American publications and brought her to the attention of North American horticulturists. Jack wrote and published inspirational short stories and poems, articles of social interest, and practical, wide-ranging horticultural articles, but she was best known for the gardening articles she wrote for Montréal newspapers and major horticultural and agricultural magazines of the day. Her popular book The Canadian Garden: A Pocket Help for the Amateur (1903) remained the only Canadian gardening manual available until the end of World War I.