Wilkinson, Anne

Anne Wilkinson, née Gibbons, writer (b at Toronto 21 Sept 1910; d there 10 May 1961). A member of the family of William Osler, Wilkinson grew up in London, Ont, and was educated privately. She is known chiefly for her poetry, which is sensuous and wittily intellectual. She is included in many anthologies and contributed to many small magazines. In 1951 she published her first book, Counterpoint to Sleep. A second volume, The Hangman Ties the Holly, appeared in 1955. Wilkinson was founding editor (1956) and generous patron of The Tamarack Review, in which was published posthumously an autobiographical fragment about her childhood, "Four Corners of My World," also included in The Collected Poems (1968). Besides her poetry, she published Lions in the Way: A Discursive History of the Oslers (1956) and Swann and Daphne (1960), a modern fairy tale for children.