Moncrieff, Anna

Anna (m Hovey) Moncrieff. Pianist, b Winnipeg 1902. A pupil of Mary L. Robertson, J.W. Matthews, and Eva Clare, she performed on the first radio broadcast on CKY, Winnipeg, and in 1932 participated in the opening concert of the Winnipeg Auditorium. She became an outstanding accompanist and over the years was invited to appear as the partner of such artists as Betty-Jean Hagen, Bronislaw Huberman, Zara Nelsova, and Kathleen Parlow in their Winnipeg recitals. A charter member of the MRMTA, she taught privately in Winnipeg for many years.

See also John J. Moncrieff (her father) and John M. (May) Moncrieff (her brother).