Hilliard, Anna Marion

Anna Marion Hilliard, physician (b at Morrisburg, Ont 17 June 1902; d at Toronto 15 July 1958). She studied at the University of Toronto (BA, MB), did postgraduate work in Britain and in 1928 joined the staff of Women's College Hospital, Toronto, where she headed the department of obstetrics and gynaecology from 1947-57. In 1947 she helped devise a simplified Pap test, which she introduced the following year at WCH's newly formed Cancer Detection Clinic, and she was the driving force in getting WCH accepted as a U of T teaching hospital (1956). Her common-sense approach to women's problems, especially those connected with childbirth, brought her many devoted admirers and led to a series of articles that were the basis of her book, A Woman Doctor Looks at Love and Life (1957). She was also the author of Women and Fatigue, published posthumously in 1960.