Nault, André

André Nault, Métis leader (b at Point Douglas, Red River Colony 1829; d at St Vital, Man 1924). Although a kinsman of Louis Riel and always considered a Métis, Nault was not of mixed blood. Interference with his hay privileges by surveyors provoked the first armed resistance in the North-West in 1869. During the rebellion of 1870 he was in charge of the party that seized Fort Garry, and he sat on the council that condemned Thomas Scott on 3 Mar 1870. Nault commanded the firing squad the next day. Chased across the border and left for dead by Orangemen shortly after the Canadian takeover, Nault returned to St Vital and in 1873 was arrested with Ambroise Lépine for Scott's murder. Unlike Lépine he was not tried and was pardoned as part of the general amnesty of 1875.