Anahareo, or Gertrude Bernard, conservationist (b at Mattawa, Ont 18 June 1906; d at Kamloops, BC 17 June 1986). More than any other individual Anahareo played an important role in converting her husband, Grey Owl (Archibald Belaney ), a trapper, into a dedicated conservationist. In Pilgrims of the Wild (1934), Grey Owl recounts how his young Iroquois wife, by saving the lives of 2 beaver kits, led him to change his whole way of life and to work for the protection of wildlife. They had a daughter, Dawn, in 1932 and the couple split up in 1936. Anahareo continued to champion the rights of wild animals. She was admitted into the Order of Nature of the Paris-based International League of Animal Rights in 1979. She is the author of an autobiography, Devil in Deerskins (1972).