Lloyd, Woodrow Stanley

Woodrow Stanley Lloyd, educator, politician, premier of Saskatchewan 1961-64 (b near Webb, Sask 16 July 1913; d at Seoul, South Korea 7 Apr 1972). Lloyd was best known for his fight for free universal medical care in Saskatchewan and for his contributions in the field of education. From 1939 to 1944, as vice-president and then president of the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation and on the executive of the Canadian Teachers' Federation, Lloyd worked for better teaching conditions and higher standards. As minister of education in the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation government 1944-60, he introduced larger school units to improve financing and facilities and articulated the "lighted school house" concept of continuing education for all.

He became premier 7 November 1961, inheriting a bitter dispute over medical care which culminated in the withdrawal of doctors' services on 1 July 1962. He refused to abandon the principle of a universal government health plan, and his calmness, restraint and dignity in an explosive situation led to a settlement on July 23 (see Saskatchewan Doctors' Strike). Lloyd resigned as leader of the Saskatchewan NDP on 6 July 1970 and left politics in 1971. He became representative of the UN Development Program in South Korea.