Uranium City

 Uranium City, Sask, Northern Settlement, estimated population 200. Uranium City is located 50 km south of the provincial boundary with the NWT and 75 km east of the Saskatchewan-Alberta border. The FUR TRADE was the dominant economic activity until the 1930s when gold was discovered in the Beaverlodge Lk area. From 1938 until the mid-1940s gold was mined in the area. In 1946 URANIUM exploration was initiated and Eldorado Mining & Refining Ltd began production in 1953. In 1952 a townsite named Uranium City was established and in 1956 a special local government jurisdiction was created. A thriving mining community developed and continued in existence until Eldorado announced that it was closing its operations. Since the termination of mining and milling operations in 1982 the community has experienced economic collapse and depopulation.