The Tseshaht (also Sheshaht) are a Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations community living in Barkley Sound and Alberni Inlet, Vancouver Island, BC. Formerly a small independent group whose territory was confined to the outer islands of the Broken Island Group in Barkley Sound, the Tseshaht developed into a powerful nation in the historic period through conquering and amalgamating with other groups, and taking their territories. By the mid-19th century the Tseshaht had expanded their territory to include all of the Broken Islands, most of the north shore of Barkley Sound, Alberni Inlet and the lower Somass River.

Today the Tseshaht live mainly on the Tsahaheh reserve near Port Alberni and are one of the 14 Nations that comprise the Nuu chah nulth Tribal Council. Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada reported 1047 registered Tseshaht in 2012.