Tookoolito, "Hannah" (b near Cumberland Sound, NWT 1838; d at Groton, Conn 1876), and Ebierbing, "Joe" (b near Cumberland Sound, NWT; d on Baffin I, NWT fl 1851-79), Inuit guides. In 1851 Tookoolito (sister of EENOOLOOAPIK) and her husband Ebierbing were taken to England for 2 years by a whaling captain. There they caused a sensation and were received by Queen Victoria. After their return to Baffin I they met explorer Charles Francis HALL, who was amazed to find Tookoolito, fluent in English, knitting woollen socks and drinking tea. Ebierbing enabled him to confirm the site of Sir Martin FROBISHER's historic landfall in Frobisher Bay. They accompanied Hall back to the US and on his second expedition to Repulse Bay, searching for clues to the fate of Sir John FRANKLIN and his lost expedition. In 1872 they joined Hall's attempt to reach the North Pole and that fall they and a group of seamen were marooned on an ice floe in Smith Sound. The castaways drifted 2080 km S and, having survived the 6-month ordeal thanks to the hunting skill of Ebierbing and another Inuk, were eventually rescued off Labrador by a sealer. After Tookoolito's death, Ebierbing accompanied the British Pandora expedition as Frederick Schwatka's interpreter on his 1878 expedition.