Luard, Richard George Amherst

Richard George Amherst Luard, army officer (b in Eng 29 July 1827; d at Eastbourne, Eng 24 July 1891). A British military officer, he was general officer commanding the Canadian Militia 1880-84, following active service in India, the Crimea and China. Scornful of the Militia's fancy dress and lack of expertise, he advocated expansion of Canada's tiny permanent force at the expense of the part-time soldiers in rural regiments.

With displays of his fearsome temper at military gatherings, this policy led him into conflict with politically influential officers. Adolphe CARON, minister of militia and defence, perceived his attempts at departmental reform as interference with political patronage. Although new permanent-force units were raised in 1883, Luard resigned under pressure soon after.