Raymond Bouchard

Raymond Bouchard (born Lauzon, now Lévis, Qué 7 Mar 1945). Bouchard, a history, literature, and archeology student, possessed a deep warm voice and sang in his secondary school choir. He later enrolled in the Conservatoire, which, he jokingly says, led to his becoming an actor "through the back door."

He directed Jacques Duchesne's theatre company the Troupe des Treize in the mid-1960s, then in 1971 with Paul Hébert, he founded the Théâtre du Trident, which would develop into one of Québec's most important cultural institutions.

A gifted actor, Raymond Bouchard has been featured in many Québecois productions on stage, television and film, and the variety of TV series he has appeared in demonstrate the range and scope of his abilities. Whether in L'or et le papier (1989-1992), D'amour et d'amitié (1990-1992), Scoop (1992-1994), Annie et ses hommes (2002-2009), Lance et compte (2002-2010), Casino (2006-2008) or Tranches de vie (2010-), his artistry has remained constant. Through the years, he has been seen in more than 20 television features and series.

On stage, an activity Bouchard has maintained parallel with his career on television, he has given outstanding performances in the classical repertoire, namely in 12 hommes en colère, Le médecin malgré lui, and Le malade imaginaire. In 2012, he shouldered the role of a man with Alzheimer's disease in Michel Tremblay's play L'Oratorio de Noël, which expresses a harsh view of life.

Bouchard has built a thriving career on the big screen with some 10 films to his credit including Laura Cadieux 2, Ding et Dong, La Florida, L'Automne sauvage and La grande séduction which, in the actor's own words, was "a true gift." However, it was his striking performance as the crafty Germain Lesage that won him a role in the French film King Guillaume. He then played in the production La vie avec mon père.

His skills have been recognized on numerous occasions: GEMINI AWARDS for best male lead for his role in the television drama L'or et le Papier (1990), and for best supporting actor as the father in the series Annie et ses hommes (2003). In 2004, for his character in La grande séduction, he won a Genie nomination for best actor.

This multi-faceted actor who has the ability to play highly diverse characters and give each role a personal touch, has marked Québec culture on television, film and stage.