Connaught and Strathearn, Arthur William Patrick Albert, 1st Duke of

Arthur William Patrick Albert, 1st Duke of Connaught and Strathearn was governor general of Canada 1911-16 (b at Buckingham Palace 1 May 1850; d at Bagshot Park, Surrey, Eng 16 January 1942). The third and favourite son of Queen Victoria, Prince Arthur was educated privately before attending the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. He spent a year with the first battalion of the Rifle Brigade in Montréal, where he turned out for a Fenian raid in 1870. After a military career which took him to Egypt, India, Ireland and South Africa, he was made a field marshal in 1902.

Disappointed by his failure to succeed the duke of Cambridge as commander in chief of the British army in 1895, as governor general of Canada he took his nominal position as commander in chief of the Canadian Militia more seriously than he ought, particularly during WWI. His advice, opinions and insistence on being consulted about the details of war administration created considerable tension between him and the minister of militia, Sam Hughes, and stretched his constitutional position and the patience of Prime Minister Robert L. Borden to the limit.