Pemmican Proclamation

On 8 January 1814, Miles MACDONELL, the governor of Assiniboia and Lord Selkirk's agent, promulgated a proclamation forbidding the export of PEMMICAN from the colony for a year. The proclamation was meant to ensure adequate provisions for settlers expected in summer. While it applied to both the Hudson's Bay Co and the North West Co, the latter saw the document as an HBC ploy designed to deny necessary provisions to the engagés of their canoe brigades. Yet 6 months later, when Macdonell promulgated a proclamation against "running" buffalo with horses, he had the support of the NWC. It was the MÉTIS in the region of Red River who found their interests frustrated on this occasion. Both proclamations contributed to the factors that led to the SEVEN OAKS INCIDENT a year later.