Gaspésie, Parc de conservation de la

In the heart of the GASPÉ PENINSULA, 196 km east of Rimouski, is Parc de la Gaspésie (established 1981, 802 km2). First established in 1937 by means of special legislation, the park has in the past bowed to mining and forestry pressures. It is now completely protected through the park's Act.

Natural History

The park is comprised, in great part, of one of the region's more impressive natural features, Monts Chic-Chocs (part of the Appalachians). Renown for their aesthetic and panoramic qualities, these mountains are broken only by the Cap-Chat and Sainte-Anne river valleys. The Chic-Chocs have several summits that project well beyond 1000 m, of which mounts Logan (1135 m), Albert (1151 m) and Jacques-Cartier (1268 m) are the best known.

The overall richness of the vegetation is characterized by its altitudinal distribution ranging from maple stands with yellow birch, white spruce with balsam fir to the alpine tundra on the highest peaks. Some rare plants are also found in the park. This is the only area of Québec where caribou, moose and white-tailed deer are found. Brook trout (seeCHAR) are found throughout the park.

The park offers a wide range of activities, services and equipment to all categories of nature enthusiasts.