Nova Scotia Research Foundation Corporation

The Nova Scotia Research Foundation Corporation (NSRFC) was a research organization established by the province as the Nova Scotia Research Foundation in 1946 in response to Henry M. TORY's recommendation that a provincial board be established to co-operate with universities and the NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL in seeking solutions to problems of economic development and rehabilitation. In 1975 a new Act changed the name to Nova Scotia Research Foundation Corporation as a result of its advisory role to industry. The NSRFC was amalgamated with other provincial agencies and programs involved in developing technology-based industries into INNOVAcorp (established in 1994).

The corporation supported economic development in Nova Scotia and elsewhere by means of technical advice and through research at its laboratory in Dartmouth. NSRFC established a world reputation for research in OCEAN technology, and there was also work done on BIOTECHNOLOGY, COAL desulphurization, and arsenic and methane removal. INNOVAcorp took over NSRFC's Dartmouth facilities and has made them the centre of its organization.