Naval Aid Bill

As early as 1909 the Conservative Party believed that Canada should contribute "emergency" funds to help the Royal Navy maintain its superiority over the German navy. In March 1912 the RN required more "dreadnought" battleships. After consulting with Winston Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty, in July 1912, PM Borden agreed to provide up to $35 million for 3 dreadnoughts. Payment was authorized by the Naval Aid Bill, introduced by Borden in December. The Liberals resisted bitterly, angered by Borden's neglect of the Canadian navy (est 1910 by the Naval Service Act). The Conservatives carried the bill on 15 May 1913 only by imposing closure on debate for the first time in Canadian history. However, the Liberal majority in the Senate defeated the bill 2 weeks later. WWI began before Borden could do anything more about naval policy.