Murray Favro

Murray Favro, artist (b at Huntsville, Ont 24 Dec 1940). Favro began his career painting brightly coloured works on masonite. Around 1965 he abandoned painting for other-than-art interests - guitars, machines, airplanes, experiments with film images and inventions. A Canada Council Arts Bursary in 1970 allowed him to devote himself to his art. That year he developed his first successful "projected reconstruction," in which images on a slide are projected onto their wooden, white, life-sized counterparts, giving them colour, detail and identity. He later produced modified inventions (Windmill Electric Generator, 1975-76; Perpetual Motion Machine, 1976-77), evolved inventions (Propeller Engine, 1978), and material, 3-dimensional renderings of airplanes (Sabre Jet, 55% Size, 1979-83). Favro's work deals with the nature of perception, reality and art itself, as well as with the insistent presence of the machine environment. His art has its own language of form - a vocabulary of constituent properties, a grammar of particular functions. It has a tough presence, a poetic logic and an integrity of being.