Lucan, Ont, urban area, population 2076 (2011c), 1997 (2006c). Lucan is located in southwestern Ontario, 90 km northeast of SARNIA and 22 km northwest of LONDON. Its proximity to London has led Lucan to develop into a dormitory community for that city. Lucan was first settled 1829-30 by refugee BLACKS from the US and was known as the Wilberforce Colony. In 1832 settlers from southern Ireland arrived and the community was renamed Marystown. When the main line of the GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY was built through the village in 1860, it received its present name after a suggestion by a resident who had been coachman on the estate of Lord Lucan in Ireland. In 1872 it was incorporated as a village. In 1999 the village merged with the township of Biddulph to form the township of Lucan Biddulph.

Lucan has received unwelcome notoriety because of its connection with the savage massacre of the DONNELLYS in 1880 on a nearby farm.