Quévillon, Louis-Amable

Louis-Amable Quévillon, woodworker, sculptor, architect (b at St-Vincent-de-Paul [Laval, Qué] 14 Oct 1749; d there 11 Mar 1823). He began his career as a woodworker in St-Vincent-de-Paul in the early 1770s. Working mainly in the Montréal region, he was hired by about 40 parishes to do carvings and to decorate their churches with gilding, silvering and marbling. At the turn of the century he penetrated the market around Québec C where he worked in various churches. Throughout his career Quévillon trained apprentices, and his studio, which employed 14 sculptors, companion sculptors and apprentices in 1818, produced a great number of works, many of which have been lost to fire. An altarpiece remains in the church at Verchères and some of his church furniture is found in museums in Québec, Montréal and Ottawa.

See also Sculpture; Religious Building.