Mance, Jeanne

 Jeanne Mance, founder of the HÔTEL-DIEU hospital at Montréal (baptised at Langres, France 12 Nov 1606; d at Montréal 18 June 1673). When young and unusually interested in foreign missions, Jeanne Mance was introduced to Madame de Bullion (who dedicated a small fortune to establishing a hospital at Montréal) and to the Société Notre-Dame de Montréal and its associates. Mance joined the association, which planned a utopian settlement on Montréal Island, and sailed in 1641 with MAISONNEUVE and the first settlers for VILLE-MARIE, spending her first winter at the SILLERY reserve. The hospital was not completed until 1645 but there were patients from 1642.

She returned to France in 1645 to make new financial arrangements, and again in 1657 after losing the use of an arm as a result of a fall. Mance claimed that the application of a relic of the Sulpician founder healed her so she was able to return to Montréal, bringing the Hospitallers from La Flèche to staff her hospital. The last 10 years of her life were spent in relative obscurity as the "heroic age" of evangelical enthusiasm gave way to a more mundane colonial environment after the introduction of Royal Government in 1663.