Doane, J. Chalmers

J. (John) Chalmers Doane. Educator, administrator, ukulele player, string bassist, b Truro, NS, 3 Nov 1938; B MUS ED (Boston) 1967, honorary DFA (St. Mary's) 2003. He graduated in 1961 from Nova Scotia Teachers' College and later studied string methods with George Bornoff at Boston U. Bornoff's educational ideas have greatly influenced him. During Doane's tenure as supervisor of music for the Halifax School Board (1967-84), he changed school music programs dramatically, using the ukulele as an inexpensive and practical teaching instrument for children and adults. His unconventional approach, vindicated by the success of Halifax school bands and orchestras in concerts and competitions across Canada, has produced a model of public music education worthy of study by educational jurisdictions elsewhere. From 1984 to 1993 Doane was a professor of music education at Nova Scotia Teachers College. Until his retirement, he was much in demand as a consultant and leader of workshops across Canada and in the USA. In 2005 Doane was invested as a member of the Order of Canada. He was honored by The Learning Partnership as a champion of public education in 2008, and in 2010 received the Order of Nova Scotia.

See also School music.


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