Robert W.J. Ghiz, politician, 33rd premier of PEI, from 2007 to 2015 (born 21 January 1974 in Charlottetown, PEI). The son of former premier Joseph GHIZ, Robert Ghiz grew up exposed to political life. He attended BISHOP'S UNIVERSITY, earning a degree in political science. Ghiz pursued a career in federal politics after graduation, working as an aide for Deputy Prime Minister Sheila COPPS and becoming an advisor for Atlantic Canada in the Prime Minister's Office.

Robert Ghiz relocated to Charlottetown in 2002 and in 2003 he sought and won the leadership of the provincial Liberal Party. As the Leader of the Official Opposition (2003 to 2007) he often faced off often against the immensely popular Premier Pat BINNS and the Progressive Conservative Party. Running in the 2007 provincial election, Robert Ghiz focused on change in contrast to Binns, who campaigned on past successes and a history of good governance. Ultimately, Islanders preferred change and ended 11 years of Conservative leadership. On 28 May 2007 Ghiz was elected PEI's 33rd premier.

Robert Ghiz's victory was the second time in PEI's history that both a father and son became premier of the province: Thane CAMPBELL (1936-1943) and his son Alexander CAMPBELL (1966-1978) also held the office.

In 2012 Ghiz expressed his disapproval at the recent attempt by three maritime senators to propose the maritime provinces unite.