Wyle, Florence

 Florence Wyle, sculptor (b at Trenton, Ill 24 Nov 1881; d at Newmarket, Ont 14 Jan 1968). Settling in Canada in 1913, she was considered by contemporaries to be Canada's finest academic sculptor. Reclusive, she was happiest working quietly in her studio in the converted Toronto church that she shared for over 50 years with Frances LORING. Early premedical studies in Chicago had given her the profound respect for anatomical perfection that was evident in her work as a sculptor. Also a poet (Poems, 1958), her lyrics reflected her love of nature. As a founding member (1928) of the Sculptors' Society of Canada, she fought for recognition of Canadian SCULPTURE and was the first woman sculptor accorded full membership in the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. While her public commissions were successful, such as the fine memorial in relief to nurse Edith Cavell on the grounds of the Toronto General Hospital, she is best remembered for her smaller, more intimate, studio sculptures, especially her studies of children and animals.