Rosenfeld, Fanny

Fanny Rosenfeld, "Bobbie," track and field athlete, sportswriter (b in Russia 28 Dec 1905; d at Toronto 14 Nov 1969). Canada's woman athlete of the half century, Bobbie Rosenfeld entered international athletics in 1928, the year women were first admitted to the Olympic Games. She held Canadian records in the running and standing broad jump and in the discus; at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics she took the silver medal in the 100 m dash and was lead runner for the women's 4 x 100 relay team that won in a record time of 48.2 sec. Bobbie Rosenfeld was also joint holder of the 11-sec, 100-yard world record. Bobbie Rosenfeld was elected to the Canada Sports Hall of Fame in 1949 and was voted Canada's female athlete of the first half of the century in 1950. A plaque in her memory was unveiled in her hometown of Barrie, Ont, 13 June 1987.