Russell, Edward

Edward Russell, "Ted," teacher, magistrate, politician, writer (b at Coley's Point, Nfld 27 Jun 1904; d at St John's 16 Oct 1977). Russell's writings, combining philosophical wisdom and ingenious wit, drew on his experiences in rural Newfoundland: as a teacher, as a magistrate after the Depression and as a director of co-operatives before Confederation. In 1949 he joined the first provincial Cabinet under J.R. SMALLWOOD, but resigned in 1951 following a disagreement over economic policy.

Russell's stories were broadcast on CBC radio 1953-62 as "The Chronicles of Uncle Mose." He wrote and read approximately 600 six-minute scripts as well as 8 radio plays - all centered on the fictitious outport Pigeon Inlet. Many of the stories have been published in The Chronicles of Uncle Mose (1975), Tales from Pigeon Inlet (1977) and in The Best of Ted Russell, Number 1 (1982).

Also in print is his best-known radio play The Holdin' Ground (1972) and a biography by Elizabeth Russell Miller, The Life & Times of Ted Russell (1981).