Walker, Edmund Murton

Edmund Murton Walker, entomologist (b at Windsor, Ont 5 Oct 1877; d at Toronto 14 Feb 1969). After studies in natural sciences and medicine at Toronto, Walker studied in Berlin, then joined the department of biology at the University of Toronto (1904), became the head of zoology (1934) and retired in 1948. He was largely responsible for the extensive invertebrate collection of the ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUM, founding the collection in 1914 and serving as assistant director (1918-31) and honorary director (1931-69). His many publications include a 3-volume treatise, Odonata of Canada and Alaska, and editorship of the Canadian Entomologist (1910-20). His discovery with T.B. Kurata of "ice-bugs" (Grylloblatta) on Sulphur Mountain, Alberta (1913), resulted in the naming of a new order of insects (see ICE-WORM). He served many local and international nature, zoological and entomological associations in various capacities, and was honoured by the Royal Society of Canada's Flavelle Medal (1960) and by an honorary degree from Carleton University.